Miss USA 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award

My readers have spoken 🙂 Meet the ladies of Miss USA 2014 who won their hearts. These 5 received the highest number of votes in our Miss USA 2014 poll that was open for about two months. Our Readers’ Choice winner got an overwhelming lead from the lady on the second place. Meet the winning ladies here 🙂

Miss USA 2014 Readers’ Choice Award
(Michigan) Elizabeth Ivezaj – 48.77%


Credits to Miss Universe Organization for the photo…

(New Jersey) Emily Shah – 9.26%

(Alabama) Jesica Ahlberg – 8.02%

(West Virginia) Charisse Haislop – 5.56%

(New York) Candace Kendall – 4.63%

Congratulations to you ladies and I wish you the best in tomorrow’s big event!



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2 Responses to Miss USA 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award

  1. Apart from the reader’s choice,who are your favourties?

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Pageantlover25, I already updated the blog with my fave list for the Miss USA 2014 finale 🙂

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