Miss USA 2014 – My Fave List

\Hours from now USA will be crowning its official representative to Miss Universe 2014 later this year. Before the glittery event, let me share with you the list of my favorites. These are personal choices as I wasn’t able to go through the performance of each candidate. Still, these are the candidates of the ladies who I feel stepped up their game and have the best shot on the crown. Here is my fave list for Miss USA 2014:


20th: Indiana (Mekayla Diehl)

19th: Oklahoma (Madison Gesiotto)

18th: Maryland (Taylor Burton)

17th: Connecticut (Desiree Perez)

16th: Virginia (Arielle Rosmarino)

Top 15

15th: Iowa (Carlyn Bradarich)

14th: North Dakota (Audra Mari)

13th: Minnesota (Haley O’Brien)

12th: Texas (Lauren Guzman)

11th: Massachusetts (Caroline Lunny)

Top 10

10th: California (Cassandra Kunze)

9th: Florida (Brittany Oldehoff)

8th: Illinois (Lexi Atkins)

7th: Tennessee (Kristy Landers Niedenfuer)

Top 6

6th: South Carolina (Christina Zapolski)

5th: Alabama (Jesica Ahlberg)

4th: Georgia (Tiana Griggs)

3rd: Nevada (Nia Sanchez)

2nd: New York (Candace Kendall)

Miss USA 2014: Louisiana (Brittany Guidry)

The best of luck to you ladies 🙂

Yes, I am betting on the hometown girl…

How about you?

Do you have your favorites already?


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2 Responses to Miss USA 2014 – My Fave List

  1. I am betting on Alabama or North Dakota.Great list!

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