Talk of the Town: The Recording…

It is (by far) the hottest Pinoy beauty pageant brouhaha for 2014. It made me hit my keyboard again during a self-imposed hiatus. The story has the ingredients of a top-rated teleserye plot:

  • Beauty Queens
  • Rival Camps
  • Backstabbing Allegations
  • Secret Audio Recording
  • Deleted IG posts
  • Meaningful FB posts

You must have been asleep if you haven’t heard about the audio recording that surfaced over the weekend. “Allegedly” (being the key word here), the ladies in the recording were Janine Tugonon and Venus Raj and they were “allegedly” bad mouthing MJ Lastimosa. 

I tried searching for a copy of the audio recording but I wasn’t able to find one (if you have a copy, it’ll be nice if you can share it with me – Thus, I am in no position to comment if the allegations against Janine and Venus are true. I am also reserving my reaction until such time that I will be able to prove that indeed Janine and Venus said something off against MJ. At this time when anyone can hide behind  an alternick, we can easily accuse others and point fingers just for the fun of it. However, let us try to be discerning and understand the facts before we react..

Me?!? I have nothing but questions…

  • Who recorded the audio? And who released it to the public?
  • Was this recorded during Bb. Pilipinas 2014? Or is this a video from 2012?
  • Who will benefit/benefited with the release of the audio recording?
  • Is this a camp rivalry as much as beauty queen bickering?
  • How’s MJ Lastimosa doing with all the issues being thrown at her? – I certainly hope that MJ will not be affected by the issue. Instead, focus on the bigger picture – the Miss Universe crown!

Jonas Gaffud chose to stay quiet…

Rodgil Flores warned us against the sin of not speaking up…

Photo Credits: Pageant Talk Overload-Philippines

Photo Credits: Pageant Talk Overload-Philippines

I don’t have the answers but it seems that MJ Lastimosa (herself) have something to say to her admirers and bashers. Here is what is written on her FB page:

“One must not criticize other people on grounds where he can’t stand perpendicular himself. – Mark Twain”



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One Response to Talk of the Town: The Recording…

  1. Jaja says:

    Nag post na ng audio ung Krixxen sa Instagram. Boses nga ni Janine.

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