Miss World 2014 (1st Update): The Top Model Finalists

My first foray into Miss World 2014 coverage was the launching of the Miss World 2014 Poll. I hope you had the time to vote for your favorites 🙂 You may click THIS to vote!

Today, I am pleased to share the list of Miss World 2014 delegates who made it as finalists in the Top Model challenge of the pageant. For those who are unfamiliar, Top Model is one of the fast track challenges of pageant where the winner automatically enters the semifinalist row. Click HERE for more information. I will let history and statistics confirm my point. Below are the winners of the Top Model challenge in the past five years and their final placement in the finale:

Miss World 2013: Megan Young (Philippines) – WINNER

Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2012: Atong Demach (South Sudan) – 3rd Runner-up

Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2011: Zhanna Zhumaliyeva (Kazakhstan) – Top 15

Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2010: Mariann Birkedal (Norway) – 5th Runner-up

2010Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2009: Perla Beltran (Mexico) – 1st Runner-up

2009Photo Credits: Missosology

See? 3 top models in the past 5 years ended up in the Top 5 placement! Thus, I believe that being a finalist in this challenge immensely increases the chances of the candidate. Here are the 2014 Miss World Top Model finalists:

Photo Credits: Miss World

Hungary (Edina Kulcsar)

India (Koyal Rana)

Mongolia (Battsetseg Turbat)

Haiti (Carolyn Desert)

Zimbabwe (Tendai Bongani Hunda)

Australia (Courtney Thorpe)

Czech Republic (Tereza Skoumalova)

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Isidora Borovcanin)

Dominican Republic (Dhio Moreno Romero)

South Sudan (Awien Kuanyin-Agoth)

France (Flora Coquerel)

Namibia (Brumhilda Ochs)

Scotland (Ellie McKeating)

Turkey (Amine Gulse)

Russia (Anastasia Kostenko)

Mexico (Daniela Alvarez Reyes)

Puerto Rico (Genesis Davila)

Croatia (Antonija Gogic)

South Africa (Rolene Strauss)

China (Du Yang)

Who do you think will end up getting the express ticket to the finale?!?


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