Miss World 2014: Leader Board – Week 1

I am very happy to present my first Leader Board for Miss World 2014. These are the delegates who I thought made a very good first impression from the photos and videos I saw so far. Majority of the candidates in the list made it as finalists in the Top Model Challenge which I consider as an excellent barometer on the delegates performance so far. Let us stop all the non-sense and face the music, these finalists are “most likely” the girls who initially caught the attention of the organization. If you are a fan favorite delegate but failed to enter the challenges then you must seriously consider changing your game plan. You know what I mean 😀

So here are the candidates who made it into my leader board. Most of them are personal choices of mine but this list will surely change in the next few weeks leading to the grand finale:

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Photo Credits to Miss World for the photos used in the collage.

15th Place: Trinidad & Tobago (Sarah Jane Waddell)

14th Place: Turkey (Amine Gulse)

13th Place: Philippines (Valerie Weigmann)

12th Place: Moldova (Alexandra Caruntu)

11th Place: Northern Ireland (Rebekah Shirley)

10th Place: Lebanon (Saly Greige)

9th Place: Hungary (Edina Kulcsar)

8th Place: Australia (Courtney Thorpe)

7th Place: Dominican Republic (Dhio Moreno Romero)

6th Place: Mexico (Daniela Alvarez Reyes)

5th Place: France (Flora Coquerel)

4th Place: Scotland (Ellie McKeating)

3rd Place: South Africa (Rolene Strauss)

2nd Place: Namibia (Brumhilda Ochs)

1st Place: India (Koyal Rana)

My Week 1 Leader Board Top 5

My Week 1 Leader Board Top 5

This is such a competitive batch! Eye love it…

What do you think?


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