Miss World 2014 (2nd Update): The BWAP Challenge Finalists

I’ve talked in length about the Top Model Challenge of Miss World 2014 and how it is important to be a finalist. This time, I would like to talk about the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge which is as equally important event as the Top Model.

This challenge focuses on the charitable projects of the candidates in their home countries. Delegates submit a video chronicling their activities and highlighting the steps that they have done (been doing) to push for their project. BWAP, as it is famously called, is the heart of Miss World and I admire the organization for bringing several concerns to the mainstream by making it as a challenge. Unlike the Top Model challenge, the most recent winners of the BWAP challenge failed to reach the Top 5 positions.

2013: Nepal (Top 10)

2012: India (Top 7)

2011: Ghana (not announced as a semifinalist) & Indonesia (Top 15)

2010: Kenya (Top 25)

2009: India (Top 16)

However, I observed that the Miss World Organization has been focusing on the Beauty with a Purpose challenge this year. It seems that all efforts lead to BWAP being the highlight of this year’s pageant. I would not be surprised if this year’s winner will be part of the Top 3 ladies.

Vote for your favorite Miss World 2014 candidate HERE!

Here are the 10 finalists of BWAP Challenge for Miss World 2014:

Bolivia (Andrea Forfori Aguilera)

Brazil (Julia Gama)

England (Carina Tyrrell)

Guyana (Rafieya Husain)

India (Koyal Rana)

Indonesia (Maria Asteria Sastrayu)

Kenya (Idah Nguma)

Netherlands (Tatjana Maul)

Philippines (Valerie Weigmann)

South Africa (Rolene Strauss)


These girls (and the rest of the candidates who submitted BWAP projects) just earned my respect with the things that they do. Our world faces a lot of problems everyday but just a simple act of kindness surely makes it just a little better.

Each of the video here represents a cause but my vote goes to England, Guyana and Philippines because they touched causes that are so close to my heart 🙂

Why do I have a feeling that 1 or 2 of the Top 3 will come from this list!


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