Miss World 2014 – My Fave List

Even though I was weeks late with my coverage of Miss World 2014, I still enjoyed it due to the competitiveness of this year’s 122 delegates. This is probably because the candidates had enough time to prepare for this battle royale. Without further delay, I will be sharing with you the list of my favorite delegates for the crown. This was surely not an easy decision but I am very confident with my choices.

The Alternatives

20th Place: Namibia (Brumhilda Ochs)

19th Place: Bosnia & Herzegovina (Isidora Borovcanin)

18th Place: Sweden (Olivia Asplund)

17th Place: Brazil (Julia Gama)

16th Place: Puerto Rico (Genesis Davila)

The Semifinalists

15th Place: China (Du Yang)

14th Place: Kenya (Idah Nguma)

13th Place: Turkey (Amine Gulse)

12th Place: Philippines (Valerie Weigmann)

11th Place: USA (Elizabeth Safrit)

10th Place: France (Flora Coquerel)

9th: Netherlands (Tatjana Maul)

8th Place: Scotland (Ellie McKeating)

7th Place: Australia (Courtney Thorpe)

The Finalists

6th Place: Mexico (Daniela Alvarez Reyes)

5th Place: South Africa (Rolene Strauss)

4th Place: Guyana (Rafieya Husain)


2nd Princess to Miss World: Hungary (Edina Kulcsar)

1st Princess to Miss World: India (Koyal Rana)

Miss World 2014: England (Carina Tyrrell)


Photo Credits:

England – http://www.davidfreemanphotography.co.uk
India – http://www.dnaindia.com
Hungary – http://www.bulistar.hu
Guyana – http://www.beautycontests.blogspot.com
South Africa – http://www.heiress-lifestyle.co.za
Mexico – http://www.missworld.com

I am uber excited!!!


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