Miss World 2014 – Official Results

Sharing the official results of Miss World 2014

Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2014: South Africa (Rolene Strauss)

1st Runner-up: Hungary (Edina Kulcsar)

2nd Runner-up: USA (Elizabeth Safrit)

Top 5

Australia (Courtney Thorpe)

England (Carina Tyrrell)

Top 11

India (Koyal Rana)

Guyana (Rafieya Husain)

Brazil (Julia Gama)

Kenya (Idah Nguma)

Mexico (Daniela Alvarez Reyes)

Thailand (Maeya Nonthawan Thongleng)

Top 25

Bolivia (Andrea Forfori Aguilera)

China (Du Yang)

Dominican Republic (Dhio Moreno Romero)

Indonesia (Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng)

Malaysia (Dewi Liana Seriestha)

South Sudan (Awien Kuanyin-Agoth)

Vietnam (Loan Nguyen Thi)

Finland (Krista Haapalainen)

Ghana (Nadia Naa Ntanu)

Netherlands (Tatjana Maul)

Philippines (Valerie Weigmann)

Russia (Anastasia Kostenko)

Scotland (Ellie McKeating)

Sweden (Olivia Asplund)

Trinidad & Tobago (Sarah Jane Waddell)

I am over the moon for the success of Rolene!

I am pleased to note that my bet Carina made it into Top 5 and 15 of my bets made it!

Congratulations Dearies!


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