Miss Cebu 2015 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

I love Miss Cebu. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a swimsuit competition and that my favorite candidate ends up as a runner-up, I am still a big fan of the pageant. First, it is for a fact the most prestigious beauty pageant in Cebu. Though it doesn’t follow the format of various national pageants, it is still considered as an influential pageant by producing world-class beauty queens.

For 2015, Miss Cebu is presenting 12 beautiful and classy Cebuana. I was invited to witness the press presentation last October and I was impressed at how the ladies handled the press questions with so much poise and wit. I have my favorites already and will be sharing them to you in the next few days leading to the finale. Today, let me present to you the official candidates of Miss Cebu 2015.

A big thank you to Ms. Jaja Rama!!!

Photo Credits: Joseph Ong & Miss Cebu FB Page

Hanica Rachael Arshia Ong

Febb Flores

Mary Cyrielle Wong

Aivy Mae Castro

Katherine Jumapao

Rio Liza Vestil

Lucena Rose Magdadaro

Catherine Mier

Rosalyn Clavano

Ma. Genefe Navilon

Domenic Reynes

Wynonah Van Joy Buot

Do you have bets already?!?


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