Zoom In: The Gorgeous Grace Levy of Great Britain (Miss Universe 2014)

Miss Universe 2014 is heating up! Some of the delegates are slowly making their way to Doral, Florida. I will be posting some of the departure and arrival pics in the next few days.

Today, I would like you to meet a very special lady who is vying for the Miss Universe 2014 title. We have exchanged several emails already and she was nothing but accommodating to my interview request and was very generous with her time! Dearest friends, I am very pleased to introduce you to Grace Levy – the gorgeous lady who will represent Great Britain 🙂


Fun Facts about Grace:

  • She loves to Dance and she is the event manager of an annual Michael Jackson charity flashmob called Thrill the World.
  • She loves to travel. She visited several countries including USA, Thailand, Italy, Egypt, Myanmar & Bulgaria, though her dream destination is Japan.
  • She loves animal and wanted to be a veterinarian 🙂
  • She spent most of her holidays and summers in Italy dedicating herself to rescuing abandoned and abused animals.
  • She is very passionate about giving back to the community which she believes has been lost in today’s world.

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Here is the complete version of my interview with Grace!

What are you looking forward to in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant?

I am looking forward to meeting like-minded women and making friends from all over the world. There is so much that we can learn from each other and everyone has their own unique story to tell. I am looking forward to telling these women my story from Great Britain and what I represent, and in return, learn who they are and what they stand for. I think it’s going to be a magical experience to share.

How are you preparing for the pageant?

I have been on a strict diet and fitness regime with a personal trainer; which I love. I am very passionate about living and advocating a healthy lifestyle and looking beautiful on the inside and outside. I think that when you are healthy on the inside it shines from within; something that no amount of make-up can create. I have also been working hard on my stage presence so I can show people my true, confident self when I am in front of the judges.

What motivated you to enter beauty pageants? And do you believe that it still has a place in modern society?

I first entered beauty pageant when I was 20. I have been on a 5-year journey to get to where I am now without much support from society. I entered because I have always had a love for pageants and it has never not had a place in my heart. I think in my country, beauty pageants are mainly considered outdated and we are ridiculed. However, I want to challenge the misconception by winning the Miss Universe crown and demonstrating first hand that we are intelligent, confident, inspiring, talented women who want to make a stand.

Who is your favorite beauty queen from you country?

I hugely look up to Miss Universe Great Britain 2010 Tara Hoyos-Martinez. She has been there for me to provide advice, positive criticism and support through my entire pageant journey and has taught me everything I know, and saw a winner in me when no one else did. She is a very strong woman who has overcome bullies and is truly beautiful on the inside just as much as she is on the outside.

When I hear Great Britain, London is usually on top of my mind. Please tell me something about your country, something that not a lot of people know.

The 2012 Olympics was held in London, but the olympic village was actually built in one of the poorest areas of East London to give jobs, tourism and new life to the community there.

Photo Credits: Grace Levy

Photo Credits: Grace Levy

Quick Facts

Coffee or Tea I’m British 🙂

New York or Los Angeles

Diamond or Pearl

Flats or Heels Every Time!

Dusk or Dawn

Miss Universe 191

What is the essence of a woman? (Miss Universe 1994)

I believe the essence of a woman is whatever she is passionate about, as it is different for each individual and encapsulates everything that is held dear to that person.

If a reigning Miss Universe will be pregnant, will you allow her to continue her reign? (Miss Universe 1999)

New life is a gift to families and to the world. It is a blessing that should be welcomed no matter what circumstance to the parents. However, Miss Universe needs to be 100% dedicated to her role and would ideally take the necessary precautions to maintain the dedication to avoid being in such a predicament in the first place.

What makes you blush? (Miss Universe 2002)

When someone compliments me. I am very down to earth and modest person who always prefers to celebrate the achievements of others rather than myself.

Your message to you fans, supporters and Kattera readers 🙂

Thank you for your support throughout my journey on the road to Miss Universe. It has been a great experience to have shared from you and I hope it is just the beginning of something greater to come, which I am looking forward to sharing with you as well.

All my love,

Grace (Miss Universe GB) xxx


Grace is beautiful and she has one of the stand-out faces on the Miss Universe 2014. However, what I like about her is that she comes off as someone with a stand and opinion. She sticks with what she believes in and did not give me with canned answers. I can’t wait to see her compete for the crown!

Thank you very much for the trust Grace!

I wish you all the best 🙂


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