Miss Universe 2014 (11th Update): Official Contestant Interviews (Part 1)

For us who are oceans away from the real action of Miss Universe 2014, we get updated through tons and tons of photos (whether official or not) uploaded online. With YouTube and other video sharing sites, we are fortunate to see the candidates in motion. This is where I appreciate the contestant interviews of Miss Universe, it gives us a glimpse of how our candidates think. There answers might sometimes be canned but their facial reaction and body language allows us to go deeper than what we see on photos.

I will divide the group into several batches so that it will not be very heavy to load so enjoy folks 🙂

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Video Credits: Miss Universe of YouTube

Costa Rica (Karina Ramos)

First, I am happy to note that she sounded so sincere and approachable. Talking about self confidence was a plus factor as aligns with Miss Universe’s motto of Confidently BeautifulSome of the video angles might not be too flattering and her make-up might not be too friendly but her personality shone all throughout. I think that’s what matters most.

Philippines (Mary Jean Lastimosa)

Goosebumps! She delivered it as natural as possible. I must agree that Filipino fans are the best fans in the whole world and she is very lucky to have millions of Filipino fans behind her back. I don’t like what she wore here but the make-up worked for me. Mentioning the fact that she came from a war-torn area opens up possible opportunity that she can take advantage if ever it will come out in the final question stage 🙂

Netherlands (Yasmin Verheijen)

Impressed… I am impressed with how this lady is working her way up to the frontrunner position. She is exotic and I think the organization will adore her. She talks about fitness, arts, horse back riding, etc… So chic 🙂 I am a bit off with the tan and the make-up but I observed that she is slowly evolving into a fine fashionista lately. I am keeping a close watch on her now!

Mexico (Josselyn Garciglia)

Can I just say that this lady keeps on surprising me everyday?!? This is probably one of my most favorite candidate interviews ever. It is heart-warming, authentic and sincere! This is the first time I saw her in motion and I think she is perfect! Don’t let me start talking about that beauty mole… Good job Josselyn!

 Spain (Desire Cordero)

What sets Desire apart from other candidate is that she looks very expensive. She looks and sounds glamorous! Though  I prefer my ladies to be English-speakers, there is something so romantic with that accent. She might not be the prettiest lady this year but I am sure that that smile is one of the prettiest in this batch.

That’s it for now… Who’s your favorite here?

If I need to choose, I must give it to Mexico!


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