Miss Universe 2014 (13th Update): Official Contestant Interviews (Part 2)

This follows my first feature of the Miss Universe 2014 contestant interview videos. Let us continue with 8 beautiful delegates and let us hear what they have to say 🙂

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Video Credits: Miss Universe of Youtube

Czech Republic (Gabriela Frankova)

Gabriela isn’t really on top of my list of favorite Czech beauty queens. However, I am slowly noticing the potential of this lady. She has a very infectious smile! I was more impressed seeing her in this video as she looked so natural and comfortable on cam. Such a glamorous queen 🙂

India (Noyonita Lodh)

I am not the biggest fan of Noyonita as I really can’t feel the sincerity. I see it in her photos and I can even feel that by watching the video! I must admit though that she is uber gorgeous. That jaw is beautiful. That and the accent… Really beautiful.

PS. Her younger sister looks beautiful as well 🙂

Kenya (Gaylyne Ayugi)

Oh Gaylyne! Just when I was about to give up on you…

Gaylyne is one of my personal favorites this year! I love her exotic look, the luscious lips and the warm personality. This video just made me fall in love with her all over again. What I love most is that she talked about the domestic problems of her country and putting it under the international spotlight. She did not stop there, Gaylyne shared what she has been doing and what the title helped her achieve so far.

Malaysia (Sabrina Beneett)

Sabrina’s video is easily one of my favorite videos this year. I love her energy. She was not conscious of the video and just shared the things that she wanted to say. Her giggles sounded really lovely 🙂 She was authentic!

Russia (Yulia Alipova)

We have a brainy! With her gorgeous face, I was half-expecting that she’ll have background in Arts or Fashion… I was surprised when she mentioned that her specialty is on Thermo Power Station 😀 I bet you did not expect it as well. I am officially a convert of this lady!

Slovak Republic (Silvia Prochadzkova)

This is one gorgeous lady here! It was clear that she had challenges with her English. How I wish she just used her native language here. It’s good to know more about what she does and I am surprised that at her age, she already has her own modelling agency. I just wished she put more depth into the things that she talked about.

Thailand (Pimbongkod Chankaew)

Where will I start? I was left expecting more! I was hoping to hear more context from her but was disappointed. I am also not a fan of her styling here as I prefer seeing on her light (almost natural) make-up. My favorite highlight here was the part when her Muay Thai practice was shine. I just thought that she looked beautiful with no make-up on.

USA (Nia Sanchez)

It really is her voice… I’ve been trying to understand if my problem with Nia is her or just her voice. Good thing that it’s just her voice. Hehehe! English is her native tongue so it is just expected that Nia will sound amazing in her candidate interview video. She is just oozing with confidence!

How did these 8 performed?!?

My favorites in this group are Malaysia & Kenya!


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