Miss Universe 2014 (14th Update): The Official Evening Gown Photos

After the release of the official swimsuit photos, Miss Universe Organization released the official Evening Gown photos of the Miss Universe 2014 candidates. Glamor is what the candidates should embody as they take on the evening gown challenge. During the grand finale, the Top 10 delegates will be parading in their evening gowns. They will be judged based on how they carry the gowns. There might not be a point on the gown itself BUT I am sure that it affects the score. There are just gowns that are unflattering to look at. I really think that if Johanna Solano of Costa Rica had a better gown, she could have advanced to the Top 5 and could have stolen the Miss Universe 2011 title from Leila Lopes. Without much delay, here are the evening gown photos:

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Photo Credits: HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP

Albania (Zhaneta Byberi)

Angola (Zuleica Wilson)

This reminds me of Leila’s gown

Argentina (Valentina Ferrer)

Such an excellent choice of gown!

Aruba (Digene Zimmerman)

Australia (Tegan Martin)

Sorry but it is not working for me!

Austria (Julia Furdea)

The structure is appealing but the color is “bleh”

Bahamas (Tomii Culmer)

Belgium (Anissa Blondin)

Bolivia (Claudia Tavel)

Brazil (Melissa Gurgel)

Gushness.. I love the gown.

British Virgin Islands (Jaynene Jno Lewis)

Bulgaria (Kristina Georgieva)

Canada (Chanel Beckenlehner)

Chile (Hellen Toncio)

Love the print..

China (Yanliang Hu)

I hate the gown… And don’t let me start with the hair!

Colombia (Paulina Vega)

Simple yet regal!

Costa Rica (Karina Ramos)

Why?!? I am hoping that this looks way better in motion… Better be!

Croatia (Ivana Misura)

Curacao (Laurien Angelista)

Czech Republic (Gabriela Frankova)

Dominican Republic (Kimberly Castillo)


Ecuador (Alejandra Argudo)

It pains me to see her on this. Change the gown!

Egypt (Lara Debbane)

Love love love the gown 🙂

El Salvador (Patricia Murillo)

Ethiopia (Hiwot Mamo)

Finland (Bea Toivonen)

I love this gown 🙂 Perfect styling 🙂

France (Camille Cerf)

Gabon (Maggaly Nguema)

Georgia (Ana Zubashvili)

Germany (Josefin Donat)

Ghana (Abena Appiah)

Great Britain (Grace Levy)

This is how a white gown should be on a beauty pageant stage…

Greece (Ismini Dafopulou)

Guam (Brittany Bell)

Dear Brittany, Stop playing with the curtains. They are expensive… Kidding! Hahahaha. The color is forgettable. So I suggest switching to another gown 🙂

Guatemala (Ana Montufar)

Guyana (Niketa Barker)

HATE the gown… LOVE the pose

Haiti (Christie Desir)

Honduras (Gabriela Ordonez)

Pleasant surprise!

Hungary (Henrietta Kelemen)

I’m buying this if it is back less 🙂

India (Noyonita Lodh)

Oh Noyonita! This looks TACKY and CHEAP. Please hear me out and DO NOT WEAR THIS ON THE PRELIMINARY…

Indonesia (Elvira Devinamira)

Dear Noyonita, You can ask pointers for what gown to wear from Elvira. It seems that her choice was superb… Xoxo, Kattera

Ireland (Lisa Madden)

Israel (Doron Matalon)

The ribbon reminds me of gowns of former Philippine delegates. Hahahaha!

Italy (Valentina Bonariva)

Jamaica (Kaci Fennell)

She listened!!! OMG… Here is Kaci with a “SMILE”… Just check how positive her photo is with that smile…

Japan (Keiko Tsuji)

Kazakhstan (Aiday Issayeva)

Kenya (Gaylyne Ayugi)

Not the gown I imagined for her. I would love to see her on a Red or Yellow gown 🙂

Korea (Ye Bin Yoo)

Kosovo (Artnesa Krasniqi)

Quiet on the fence… I am trying my best to like to the gown but the hair is so wrong I refuse to understand…

Lebanon (Saly Greige)

Lithuania (Patricija Belousova)

Too bridal for me!

Malaysia (Sabrina Beneett)

Such an elegant piece…

Mauritius (Pallavi Gungaram)

Totally Wrong!

Mexico (Josselyn Garciglia)

Oh Dear! Josselyn is serving all the necessary concoction. I am falling in love 🙂

Myanmar (Sharr Htut Eaindra)

Netherlands (Yasmin Verheijen)

I am not buying it…

New Zealand (Rachel Millns)

Nicaragua (Marline Barberena)

Nigeria (Queen Celestine)

Norway (Elise Dalby)


Panama (Yomatsy Hazlewood)

Paraguay (Sally Jara)

Peru (Jimena Vecco)

Philippines (Mary Jean Lastimosa)

Another major points for MJ! She is ravishing here!

Poland (Marcela Chmielowska)

Portugal (Patricia Da Silva)

I’m on the fence, the structure might just work but the color is definitely “bleh”!

Puerto Rico (Gabriela Berrios)

A disaster waiting to happen! I hope that this will not be her official gown for the preliminaries and/or finale!

Russia (Yulia Alipova)

This is the Elie Saab number! DIVA moment 🙂 I am hoping that Yulia can carry this well and will not be overpowered by such a huge gown.

Saint Lucia (Roxanne Didier-Nicholas)

Serbia (Andjelka Tomasevic)

THIS! Oh, I am ready for Andjelka!

Singapore (Rathi Menon)

Slovak Republic (Silvia Prochadzkova)

Too bridal for me… I hope her handlers will change her gown for the preliminaries…

Slovenia (Urska Bracko)

South Africa (Ziphozakhe Zokufa)

Spain (Desire Cordero)

The gown looks tacky in this photo. I am wondering how it looks like in motion!

Sri Lanka (Avanti Page)

This is not flattering at all… Change the gown!

Sweden (Camilla Hansson)

This dress has a lot of potential 🙂

Switzerland (Zoe Metthez)

Tanzania (Nale Boniface)

Thailand (Pimbongkod Chankaew)

I would love to see her wearing this on the finale. The fringe looks interesting 🙂

Trinidad & Tobago (Jevon King)

Another disappointing photo from Jevon 😦 I am waiting for the “oomph” moment.

Turkey (Dilan Cicek Deniz)

Turks & Caicos (Shanice Williams)

Ukraine (Diana Harkusha)

Uruguay (Johana Riva)

I love the color of the gown!

USA (Nia Sanchez)

I am slowly getting frustrated by the case of de ja vu offered by Nia!

Venezuela (Migbelis Castellanos)

Why this?!? Such a big let down. I don’t think Osmel will allow Migbelis to walk on this gown during the preliminaries…

Who are your favorites here?


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