Miss Universe 2014 (15th Update): Official Contestant Interviews (Part 3)

Here is the third part of the Miss Universe 2014 contestant interviews. Let us listen to what they can see about their lives, their interests and background. I was a bit surprised with what I learned from the previous batches that we have seen. I can’t wait to get to know more these gorgeous ladies:

Click THIS for the Contestant Interviews (Part 1)

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Austria (Julia Furdea)

I adore Julia the moment I saw her arrival pics. This video made me fall in love with her. Who will not?!? Her simplicity and natural beauty endears Julia to any fan. I would have wished if she gave more examples of her charitable activities in Austria just to put more context but over-all, I am sold here!

Brazil (Melissa Gurgel)

This is like a homecoming to me. I must admit that Brazil was my favorite when the competition started. I loved her bubbly personality. She still looks beautiful despite doing silly things. However, I didn’t feel her presence when she stepped in Doral. Then this… She was sincere. She struggled with her English but I felt what she wanted to say. You are so back Melissa! You are so back…

France (Camille Cerf)

I have seen more beautiful French delegate before so I was not really into her when the pageant started. However, there is something with Camille that endeared me to her. I think it the chicness and elegance that I saw. She looks expensive and sophisticated.

Indonesia (Elvira Devinamira)

I am impressed and surprised with Elvira’s view on things. I love how she expressed her interest in arts 🙂 She sounded so authentic in her interview. How I wish she could have fixed her hair first before shooting as it was very messy and distracting.

Lebanon (Saly Greige)

I am on the fence here. There was no spark and no excitement with Saly’s interview. She pointed out interesting facts – finishing her master’s degree and working on a job identified with men. But it was not enough to elevate Saly’s stature. And that hairstyle – eye sore…

Puerto Rico (Gabriela Berrios)

I am not a fan of Gabriela. I feel that the Latina delegation is so competitive this year that she is a little lost in between the favorites. This video, however, is on top of my favorites this year as it talks and highlights about important issues in the society. She talked about bullying, self-esteem and ability to realize someone’s dreams. It is something that is very common in the society and I am hoping that more teenage women will see this video and be inspired with Gabriela’s story.

Serbia (Andjelka Tomasevic)

And just like that, Andjelka zoomed ahead of the competition. She was joking and laughing during the interview but the queenly aura and finesse was there the whole time. This lady is just adorable.

Venezuela (Migbelis Castellanos)

What a way to close this feature… Migbelis did not overkill her interview – which was what I expected. There was enough energy, the tone was casual as if she was just talking to her friends and most importantly, there was confidence! Great job!

Considering all videos, my vote goes to Puerto Rico and Venezuela!


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