Miss Universe 2014 (16th Update): The Preliminary Competition

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you the details of the Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2014. This competition marks the final lap before we meet the new queen. Sadly, the event also means that the pageant is about to end and we now have to wait for another year before we feel the Miss Universe fever. So much with my emotions and let us see the details of this important event:

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

The preliminary competition is scheduled on January 21 (Wednesday) at 7PM Eastern Time. This means that it will be January 22 (Thursday) at 8AM here in the Philippines. We are encouraged to watch the competition live over http://www.missuniverse.com. This event will be hosted by the reigning queen – Gabriela Isler and Roxanne Vargas.

So how important is the event for the ladies?!? Performing well in the competition means you are a closer to the crown because it is here that part of the Top 15 is identified. Take this as the first stage of the competition.

Click THIS to VOTE For your favorite Miss Universe 2014 candidate!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

So, who will have the chance to judge the 88 candidates as they go through the swimsuit and evening gown? We have quiet a group here. 2 were preliminary judges in Miss Universe 2012 and 1 is a former Miss Universe!

Azucena Cierco

Corinne Nicolas

Jeneine Doucette-White

Jimmy Nguyen

Lloyd Boston

Michelle McLean-Bailey

Tyler Tixier

Click THIS for the tickets if you want to watch the finale LIVE!

I wish all 88 candidates the best of luck on Wednesday’s show 🙂


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