Miss Universe 2015: My 10 Favorite Swimsuit Shots


Before I share with you the ladies who won me over with their sizzling swimsuit shots, I ask you to review the list of the ladies who I think were the glamazons in the glamour shots and the pretty faces during the portrait shots.

I am always looking forward to the swimsuit shots of the candidates. What is challenging in this shoot is that, the candidate should be very confident with her body so that it will translate well into her swimsuit shot. Any awkwardness and insecurity will reflect on a candidate’s poses and body angles. With that, I am presenting to you the candidates of Miss Universe 2015 who (I think) nailed this round.

Click THIS to review all of the swimsuit shots of the Miss Universe 2015 candidates!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

10th: Costa Rica (Brenda Castro)

One of the best bodies in the competition!

9th: Philippines (Pia Wurtzbach)

Could have been better if the swimwear is a bit bigger.
Seems that the twinnies are near-suffocation.

8th: Netherlands (Jessie Jazz Vuijk)

7th: Ecuador (Francesca Cipriani)

6th: Finland (Rosa-Maria Ryyti)

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5th: Russia (Vladislava Evtushenko)

Such a perfect balance of innocence and power.

4th: Vietnam (Huong Pham)

3rd: Israel (Avigail Alfatov)

I love the air of confidence that she gives off.

2nd: Paraguay (Myriam Arevalos)

1st: Peru (Laura Spoya)

That extra “oomph” factor! She is sizzling hot!


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