Miss Universe 2015 – Reliving the Crowning Moment


A day after what became as one of the most beautiful days of Filipinos, I am still over the moon savoring this well-deserved victory for the country. In the past hour, I have seen bashers and online trolls became aggressive in attacking Pia Wurtzbach.  I have seen a video of a delegate who is not happy of the results (Update: she already apologized). I have seen the video shot after the crown was passed on to Miss Universe 2015 where she tried to approach Ariadna Gutierrez  but was blocked by other delegates who were not too thrilled to see her around. I will never honor what they did and what they said by posting the videos here. Instead, let me focus on Pia and Pia alone! I became inspired by Pia’s graciousness and will do the same instead.

Here are a few photos from the Miss Universe 2015 crowning moment.

Mabuhay ka Pia!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization





I must say that I rooted for Janicel for the Miss Universe Philippines title. I had my doubts when you arrived in Vegas. I guess I was not a fan. However, you proved me wrong and I can never be happier that you have proven me wrong 🙂

Congratulatons Pia!


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