Spread LOVE not HATE!

I am posting this article a day before Christmas so this is to me, extra special.

I am still overjoyed and proud of Pia Wurtzbach for winning the Miss Universe 2015 title. We all know by now the unfortunate event that happened to both Pia and Colombia‘s Ariadna Gutierrez. Again, my heart breaks for both of them – 1. For Pia, that she was not given the proper coronation ceremony – something that she deserves and 2. For Ariadna, the pain of loosing a dream that she had in her hands (and head, literally) already. I wish that no other delegate will experience these ever.

It could have been the ideal scenario if Ariadna took off the crown and gave it back to Paulina as a sign of sportsmanship. However, we have to take into consideration the confusion that followed thus she wasn’t able to think of the ideal scenario. This time, fans were still feeling sorry for Paulina. When the show ended, I was waiting for an article or a message via Ariadna’s social media account acknowledging Pia’s win but I was gravely disappointed when I saw instead posts of her with the crown. That was when the negativity started. I tried not to join the bandwagon, criticizing Ariadna because I wanted to understand her predicament. Finally, three days after, she posted what I have been waiting from Day 1 – acknowledging Pia as Miss Universe 2015.

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-the English translation-


My friend asked me why I didn’t join in defending Pia from Ariadna’s legions of fans. She said that Ariadna’s acknowledgement of Pia’s win doesn’t matter. I guess I just wanted to give more chances to Ariadna knowing what she just went through. I had faith that looking back and after giving it a much needed thought, she will realize what’s the proper thing to do. And she did! Yay!

Now, I appeal to all my friends to stop spreading hate online because – 1. It is almost Christmas and this season is all about LOVE 2. No matter how many candidates will tell us that they were not in favor of the results, the fact will remain that Pia is and will be Miss Universe 2015 and 3. I am 100% sure that Pia would prefer us to let go of the hate and just focus on supporting her reign 🙂

Spread LOVE not HATE!


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2 Responses to Spread LOVE not HATE!

  1. neuronshots says:

    I wish I was watching this with you!!! I woke up to top 5 but I guess the calling of the winner made up for everything that I missed! Lol! That was TV Gold!
    However, it was very unfortunate that the girls didn’t take the opportunity to make a golden moment out of the situation which could have elevated the world of pageantry which, let’s get real, has been mocked for years. One thing was clear though, Trump Era is Over!

    • Domzee says:

      So true! It would have been perfect if Ariadna rose up to the challenge and be such a sport. She would have been adored more than Pia.

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