An Open Letter for Mdm. Stella Marquez de Araneta

Ola Madam!

I am pretty sure that you do not know me, for I am just a lowly Filipino pageant fan. You, however, is pretty famous being the matriarch of Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Of course, you will forever be remembered as the very first Miss International queen.

I don’t know you that much but I do know that a lot of Filipino beauty pageant fans are not so fond of you and that statement includes myself. I have “loathed” you a million times – from Venus Raj’s disqualification to the recycled gowns of the Binibini queens to your close friendship with Alfredo Barazza. I have wondered a thousand times your real “intention in running” Bb. Pilipinas because there were times that I felt that you were there to secretly stop a Filipina from getting a Miss Universe crown – that your true allegiance is with your native Colombia.

However, everything changed when I first watched Binibining Pilipinas coronation night during Shamcey Supsup’s time. I was looking at you while Venus Raj was doing her final walk. I saw how you looked at her – that is the same look that I regularly see from my Mom! Another instance when my heart warmed up to you was when I heard from a Binibini (will not name her here) how you discipline them. I realized that the tough love that you are giving means that it is not business for you – it is passion, it is pure love for your Binibinis.

Fast forward to Miss Universe 2015, when the last two ladies were Colombia & Philippines, my thoughts were with you. I must admit that there was a part of me questioning again your allegiance but I knew that your heart was/is/will be with Pia. I can’t imagine how you will react that on the left side of the stage is Pia (a Binibini) and to her right is Ariadna Gutierrez – like you, a Senorita Colombia. This thought was on my mind whole day Monday and THEN I SAW THESE!

Stella01Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page

Stella02Photo Credits: Pia Wurtzbach FB Page


Like I am crying right now…

I guess I will end this by telling you how much I am thankful for everything that you do! You could have stayed away from the limelight and live a very comfortable life BUT you chose to establish BPCI and bring honor and pride to The Philippines! I will forever be grateful.




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