Miss Cebu 2016 – Notes from the Pre-Pageant Night


Last night was a blast for Team Kattera! Since I am now based here in Manila, I asked my best friend/collaborator (Dexter) to represent the Team at the Pre-Pageant Night of Miss Cebu 2016 yesterday.

MSCebu02Photo Credits: Dexter Ontoy

Similar to previous editions of Miss Cebu, this year’s pre-pageant night opened had a fun wear segment and a casual interview. The 12 candidates wore the creations of Cebu’s young designers during the fun wear segment. Winning this round was Gabrielle Raine Baljak after she bagged the Best in Fun Wear award.


Raine was also named as Miss Epson. Just an interesting trivia, Raine is the daughter of Merce Abellana who won the Miss Cebu Tourism 1986 title! No wonder Raine seemed to be very comfortable on stage. She had the genes wired to be on stage 🙂

Another big winner yesterday was Shaila Mae Rebortera who bagged two sponsor awards – Miss Gems and Designs and Miss Ayala Fiesta Island.


Shaila and Raine had the fans go gaga for them! It seems that majority of the audience were rooting for these two. Coincidentally, both are the top mestizas in the competition.

The casual interview was very light 🙂 As expected from a Miss Cebu, a candidate must be very comfortable expressing themselves. So who among the 12 official candidates will win the coveted title?

Coronation Night is on Wednesday (January 13) at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Hotel & Casino.

Good luck ladies!


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