Binibining Pilipinas 2016 – My Fave List

Disclaimer: Mine is quiet literal this year!

You should know by now that I failed to cover the Binibining Pilipinas 2016 activities which disqualifies me from giving out any predictions. Thus, my list this year is literally full of my favorite candidates based on my personal encounter with the ladies.

Top 15

Binibini 3: Angela Fernando

Binibini 4: Kimberle Mae Penchon

Binibini 7: Angelique De Leon

Binibini 11: Nicole Cordoves

Binibini 14: Paula Rich Bartolome

Binibini 19: Maria Lina Prongoso

Binibini 22: Apriel Smith

Binibini 27: Dindi Joy Pajares

Binibini 28: Nichole Manalo

Binibini 29: Maxine Medina

Binibini 31: Kylie Versoza

Binibini 35: Mariella Castillo

Binibini 36: Maria Gigante

Binibini 38: Angelica Alita


2nd Runner-up: Paula Rich Bartolome (14)

1st Runner-up: Apriel Smith (22)


Binibini Globe 2016: Maria Lina Prongoso (19)

Binibini Grand International 2016: Maria Gigante (36)


Binibini Supranational 2016: Maxine Medina (29)

Binibini Intercontinental 2016: Nichole Manalo (28)


Binibini International 2016: Kylie Versoza (31)

Miss Universe Philippines 2016: Nicole Cordoves (11)

Photo Credits: Binibing Pilipinas

Wishing everyone the best of luck!


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