Miss World Philippines 2016 (3rd Update): The Ladies at the General Screening


As announcedMiss World Philippines 2016 opened its doors for the General Screening last Thursday to Filipinas who are interested in representing country in Miss World 2016. Is it true that only 8 showed-up for this screening?

MWP08Photo Credits: Missosology (Forum)

I hope that the final screening on Tuesday (August 23) will attract more aspirants as it would be very disappointing to see just a handful delegates in a major national competition like Miss World Philippines. So what really happened here? First, we are missing delegates from the Kagandahang Flores camp. I do not have a clear answer as to the reason behind the absence of KF Ladies. However, I am crossing my fingers that I will see Sir Rodgil Flores and her team helping out their delegates on Tuesday. At the end of the day, it would be a huge loss for Filipino beauty pageant fans if we will not see them compete. This is the camp that behind notable names in the short history of Miss World Philippines. Rogelie Catacutan (Miss World Philippines 2011 Finalist),  Janicel Lubina (Miss World Philippines 2013 1st Runner-up), Lorraine Kendrickson (Miss World Philippines 2014 1st Runner-up) and Emma Mary Tiglao (Miss World Philippines 2015 4th Runner-up) are a few names on my list.

Second, is Catriona Gray considered to be a sure win for the crown that ladies are hesitant to join the national finals? It doesn’t help that historically, Miss World Philippines winners have been the crowd favorites since Day 1 and Catriona is THE crowd favorite (even before the General Screening). However, must remind all interested ladies that just like in any other contest, “the pageant is ain’t over unless it is over”. I also do not think that Catriona is walking around thinking that there is no real competition here – thinking that will would be the start of her “fall” if I may say. I am aching for a competitive Miss World Philippines contest.

Third, is Miss World Philippines loosing some steam already? After Megan Young‘s historic win in 2013, the passion for Miss World grew. That went on until Pia Wurtzbach won the much desired 3rd Miss Universe crown last year. And with the country (finally) hosting Miss Universe early next year, Miss World (and its surrogate Miss World Philippines) is not getting the spotlight it so deserves. I also observed that Miss World Philippines gets noisy only during the national pageant and during Miss World. The titleholder seems to drift into the background for the rest of the year. The failure to even regularly update the Facebook Page & official website is hurting the youngest major national pageant in the country.

(Now I’ve been talking more!)

Here are the ladies who went through the screening last Thursday. Please leave a comment if you know the names of the others here:

Photo Credits: Bong Tan of Missosology

Catriona Gray


Vinie Dy Quiangco


Sandra Lemonon


Arienne Calingo


Ralph Lauren Asuncion


Help! I do not have the names for these ladies. I’d love to introduce them and rally for more support!



Good luck ladies!


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