Throwback Thursday (08.25.16): Venezuela’s Firsts


Our Throwback Thursday entry today  is inspired by the Olympics. In the most recent Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero, USA ended up as the country on top of the medal tally with 121 medals. Cogratulations Team USA!

It is a different story in beauty pageants. Leading in the Crown Count is Venezuela with a massive 22 crowns (2 Miss Earth, 7 Miss International, 7 Miss Universe & 6 Miss World). A far 2nd is USA with 14 crowns (3 Miss International, 8 Miss Universe & 3 Miss World). Trailing just on the heels of USA is Philippines with 12 crowns (3 Miss Earth, 5 Miss International, 3 Miss Universe & 1 Miss World).

Our post today feature the firsts of Venezuela in the major international pageants. The powerhouse country surely started somewhere before reaching their status now. Let us take a look at the women who won the first crowns for Venezuela in each major national pageant.

Miss Earth 2005 – Alexandra Braun

Photo Credits: India Times

Miss International 1985 – Nina Sicilia Hernandez

Photo Credits:

Miss Universe 1979 – Maritza Sayalero

Photo Credits:

Miss World 1955 – Susana Duijm

Photo Credits: Alchetron

Venezuela is a cut above the rest in the world of pageantry. The country remains to be the model with which the rest of the countries tailor their ability to package their delegates for the major international pageants. However, Venezuela should not settle with their crowns. They must continue to innovate and adopt to the ever-changing dynamics of international beauty pageants.


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