Miss Intercontinental 2016 – My Fave List


How time flies when we are enjoying. One pageant (of the four this month) will come to a beautiful close tonight. Here are the candidates that I will be rooting for later tonight during the grand finale:

Photo Credits: Miss Intercontinental



Poland, Costa Rica, South Africa, Myanmar & Portugal

15- Colombia (Carolina Morales)

14- Czech Republic (Natalie Muslikova)

13 – Mexico (Martha Suarez)

12 – Russia (Kseniya Kopylkova)

11 – Sri Lanka (Tracy Zilva)

10 – Thailand (Atitaya Kunnalaphat)

9 – Italy (Floriana Russo)

8 – India (Aarushi Sharma)

7 – Zimbabwe (Hildah Mabu)

6 – Venezuela (Amal Karina Nemer)

4th Runner-up: Brazil (Sabrina Sancler)

Exotic – I love Sabrina’s face. She looks uncommon, exotic & natural.

3rd Runner-up: England (Chloe Othan)

Experience – with several international beauty pageant experience under her belt, Chloe is expected to shine in the competition.

2nd Runner-up: Ghana (Silvia Commodore)

Expensive – Silvia is tall and will capture your attention. She looks extra expensive with her on point styling.

1st Runner-up: Philippines (Jennifer Hammond)

Beauty – Jennifer possesses one of the most beautiful faces in the competition. She carries herself well and has captured the attention of the organizers.

Miss Intercontinental 2016: Puerto Rico (Heilymar Rosario)

Smile – She got me with her sweet winning smile. She is relaxed, confident & beautiful; bringing her to the top of everyone’s list.

Best of luck girls!!!

PS. I’d be very glad to be proven wrong and for Jennifer to bring home the crown!


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