Miss Intercontinental 2016 – Official Results


What a night, I must say! It all started with the exclusion of Philippines in the Top 5, then the Final Q&A was a mess with no proper interpreters available and Ghana & Italy were tied and it had to be resolved via “live” and “manual” voting which was won by Ghana. It was crazy!!! It was humiliating for Italy. I am not sure why the organizers and the judges did not deliberate secretly before announcing the winners. It was weird!

micwinnerPhoto not mine.

Now, let us focus on the things that went well – (1) 9/15 of my favorites went on to place as semifinalists. Visibly missing were England, Mexico & India. (2) It was a pleasure seeing Jacqueline Aguilera (Miss World 1995 from Venezuela) as one of the pageant’s judges. It was weird though that she is a winner of a competing pageant. (3) Predicted the placements of Ghana (2nd Runner-up) and Puerto Rico (Winner). Heilymar is such a deserving winner!

Top 15

Costa Rica (Maria Amalia Matamoros)

Colombia (Carolina Morales)

Seychelles (Isabel Lavigne)

Thailand (Atitaya Kunnalaphat)

Philippines (Jennifer Hammond)

China (Xiaoyan Liu)

Czech Republic (Natalie Muslikova)

Scotland (Abigail Leille Gliksten)

Poland (Paulina Rulka)

Ukraine (Valeria Samehylieiwa)

Top 5

4th Runner-up: Venezuela (Amal Karina Nemer)

3rd Runner-up: Italy (Floriana Russo)

2nd Runner-up: Ghana (Silvia Commodore)

1st Runner-up: Sri Lanka (Tracy Zilva)

Miss Intercontinental 2016: Puerto Rico (Heilymar Rosario)

Congratulations Ladies!!


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