Miss World 2016 (2nd Update): Contestant Introduction Video (Part 1)


Miss World is not just about the glitzy and fancy Grand Finale. The work that the reigning queen after the coronation matters a lot as she has the opportunity to touch and change million of lives. Thus, a Miss World queen should have the passion in doing works of charity and should have the sunny disposition to do it with a smile. Let us try to get to know the ladies – their aspirations and goals, their passion and talents – via the official candidate introduction videos of Miss World 2016

mw2016Photo Credits: Miss World

Australia (Madeline Cowe)

 Video Credits: Miss World

I love the accent. I can’t get enough of that enchanting smile. I think that the catwalk seemed weak but with a Law Degree under her belt and a strong sash, Madeline will have an easier shot to the crown.

Philippines (Catriona Gray)

Video Credits: Miss World

Let me come clean, Catriona is one of my favorites this year. How I feel towards Catriona is the same feeling I had for Megan Young when the 1st Filipina Miss World was still in the competition. She is natural. She is legit. She is sincere. She is beautiful!

Canada (Anastasia Lin)

Video Credits: Miss World

For those of you who are not aware, Anastasia won the national pageant for last year’s Miss World edition. However, she failed to secure a visa in time for the competition resulting to her missing the pageant in Sanya, China. Allegedly, she got denied for a visa because of her Anti-Chinese Government blog posts. China and the Miss World Organization have a pretty tight working relationship so I am not sure if it will work against Anastasia. However, Miss World should be lucky to have a brave and dedicated Miss World candidate; someone who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Vote for your favorite Miss World 2016 candidate HERE!

Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

Video Credits: Miss World

Yaritza is no newbie on an international beauty pageant stage. We saw her first in Miss Universe 2013 where she ended up being a semifinalist! Though historical numbers are not on Yaritza’s favor as Miss World prefers her queen to be the one whose fate is the Blue Crown, she just need to look at Agbani Darego‘s fate to get an inspiration!

USA (Audra Mari)

Video Credits: Miss World

Yey! Another Filipina on the Miss World 2016 stage 🙂 Audra, the host delegate, proudly talks of her diverse background which I think is a strong message to tell after a divisive US Elections. Audra is confident and gutsy, edgy and sporty, beautiful and sensitive. Her strong sash and her hometown advantage will help her place well in the pageant.

Thailand (Jinnita Buddee)

Video Credits: Miss World

Thailand is in search for its first Miss World crown and Dai will have the privilege to attempt to win that elusive title. She might be on an uphill fight with such a competitive group. She needs to step out and take advantage of the opportunity to show her personality as Miss World is big on character.

Mexico (Ana Girault)

Video Credits: Miss World

Ana has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition this year! I love the expressive eyes which tells a gazillion of stories. Her husky voice and that strong face sometimes seems to be too strong for a Miss World queen which prefers those with sweet innocent faces. Will Ana defy this set standard and go home with a Miss World title?

Russia (Yana Dobrovolskaya)

Video Credits: Miss World

Another gorgeous face here! Yana is one of my favorites in this year’s pageant. She comes off as sweet, young and charming lady which fits perfectly with what Miss World has been crowning. I can’t wait to see her in action.

That’s it for now! I’ll be back for more candidate introduction videos in a day or two! Who among the 8 featured delegates made it into your fave list?!?


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