Miss World 2016 (3rd Update): Contestant Introduction Videos (Part 2)


You have met 8 gorgeous ladies in the 1st part of our contestant introduction video series HERE. Today, I am pleased to introduce 10 more delegates who are on the run towards the Miss World 2016 title.

Video Credits: Miss World

India (Priyadarshini Chatterjee)

I love Priya’s rawness which she showed generously in her introduction video. She might not on the ranks of Priyanka or Aishwarya but Priya is refreshing as she is exciting 🙂

Latvia (Linda Kinca)

Linda’s personality won me over. She seems bubbly and is always on the go. She is young and has a whole world ahead of her.

South Africa (Ntandoyenkosi Kunene)

WOW! This is one of my favorite videos so far and I think I just became a fan. She is eloquent, classy, intelligent and sincere.

Puerto Rico (Stephanie Del Valle)

Stephanie is gorge! She is easily one of my favorites coming into the pageant. Given the Puerto Rican population in USA, she will feel just right at home!

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Czech Republic (Natalie Kotkova)

Another heartwarming video here! I love the idea that she was speaking to her audience in skates 🙂 So cool!

Fiji (Pooja Priyanka)

Fiji is one of my dream destination so let me give you a heads up that this video has a special place in my heart. Pooja seems to be one of the best representatives from Fiji and I can’t wait to see her in action.

Bahamas (Ashley Hamilton)

Her video felt short. I’d love for Ashley to talk more about her Beauty with a Purpose video or gave us more of Bahamas that we don’t know about.

Botswana (Thata Kenosi)

Another classy and accomplished lady here! I can tell that Thata perfectly fits into the Miss World mold.

Ecuador (Mirka Paola Cabrera)

What a statuesque Latina we have here! Three things that I love about Mirka – she is a teacher, addicted to Sports & Fitness and her love for Ecuador (I want to visit Galapagos in the future!)

Indonesia (Natasha Mannuela)

Natasha follows the footsteps of Maria Harfanti who gave Indonesia its best placement so far at 2nd Runner-up. Natasha is an accomplished young lady and she needs to bring her A Game to shine in Washington DC.

My favorites here are Bostwana, Puerto Rico & South Africa! How about yours?!?


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