Miss World 2016 (4th Update): Departures & Arrivals – Part 1

I am excited and (literally) I just can’t hide it! I can’t wait for Miss World 2016 to officially kick-off. I have been stalking some of the candidates online as they prepare to depart from their home countries and arrive in Washington DC for the pageant. Here are some of the departure/arrival photos so far. Enjoy!

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catrionaPhoto Credits: Miss World – Philippines FB Page

Catriona Gray of the Philippines brought her “house” to DC! Seriously, that is tons of luggage! I can’t wait to see her sartorial choices!

Photo Credits: Missosology

Cayman Islands‘ Monyque Brooks will be difficult not to be noticed with that red jumpsuit ensemble. I wish Monyque the best of luck!

Photo Credits: Missosology

Fiji‘s Pooja Priyanka starts her journey to Miss World 2016. That dress looks comfortable enough for a long haul trip but she might need to change into comfy flats 🙂

yanaPhoto Credits: Yana’s IG Account

Yana Dobrovolskaya of Russia left Russia last night and I can’t wait for her to land in USA. She is definitely one of my early favorites!

spainPhoto Credits: Miss World Spain IG account

Spain‘s delegate to Miss World 2016 is Raquel Tejedor. I haven’t checked out her full profile yet BUT she looks stunning that I am making a mental note to watch out for her. The reigning Miss World is also from Spain and we just have to wait and see if that is good or bad for her.

australiaPhoto Credits: Madeline Cowe’s IG account

Another lady that I am keeping an eye on is Australia‘s Madeline Cowe. She boarded her Trans-Pacific flight already and will be landing to compete anytime soon. I can’t wait!

Photo Credits: Missosology

Bayartsetseg Altangerel is Mongolia‘s representative this year. She looks statuesque here and with the proper wardrobe seems to have the potential to be styled as an Asian Vixen 🙂 PS. I love her cheekbones!

Photo Credits: Missosology

I hope that this is just a simple case of a lady choosing comfort over fashion statement. Brazil‘s Beatrice Fontoura is one of the early favorites this year. She could have returned the favor and dressed up for the part. I am still hoping that this is just a small hiccup!

Photo Credits: Missosology

Kyrgyzstan‘s Perizat Rasulbek-Kyzy

Photo Credits: Missosology

Bahamas’ Ashley Hamilton is already in DC fulfilling her Ambassadorial duties. It is always good to know that there are people who are cheering for you onsite as you enter the competition! Some mental preparation for Ashley 🙂

Do you have a list of favorites already!?!


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