Russia’s Attempt to Rise!

Happy Monday Dear Readers ❤ ❤ ❤

Russia is one of my favorite countries, whenever I talk about beauty pageants. The fact that it produced my one (of two) ultimate favorite Miss Universe Queens – Oxana Fedorova – it already gained my utmost respect! Russia has been inconsistent though in its beauty pageant performance. In Miss Universe, Oxana winning the title was supposedly a good start but it ended horribly when she decided to resign. They had to wait for 4 years for another semifinalist placement in 2006. However, it was Vera Krasova‘s 2008 performance that gave me high hopes of a Russian “surge” as it was paired by a Miss World win of Ksenia Sukhinova on the same year. I was expecting a huge win in 2010 as I was rooting for Irina Antonenko but she had a disappointing performance in Miss Universe which left me broken hearted. Russia has been inconsistent so far BUT I am hoping that it will change this year!

mumwrussiaPhoto Credits: Missosology

Everyone, I want you to meet two of Russia’s best representatives for an international beauty pageant (so far)! I go gaga over them! To your left (in red) is Yuliana Korolkova and to your right (in blue) is Yana Dobrovolskaya! While Yuliana is your fierce and sultry type of queen, Yana offers you a taste of class and raw beauty! Each is confident and both fits right into the mold of the queens on their respective beauty pageants. Expect Yuliana to win some hearts in the Philippines as she competes for Miss Universe 2016 while Yana is already in the USA for Miss World 2016.

mumwrussia02Photo Credits: Missosology

Click THIS to VOTE for Yana at our Miss World 2016 Poll!

I will be cheering for both of them. I can’t wait to see them in action! Best of luck ladies!


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