Miss Universe 2016 (1st Update): Are Your Ready Manila?

mu2016Photo Credits: Miss Universe


I am over the moon with the confirmation of the news that the 65th Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2016) will be staged LIVE here in Manila, Philippines! Rumors started months earlier but I didn’t mention it for fear of breaking the hearts of Miss Universe fans. HOWEVER, when I saw these photos from the contract signing, I just had to share the good news! Please pray for me that I get approved as an on-location journalist for me to be able to give you first-hand details of everything about Miss Universe 2016!

Photo Credits: Le Skinny Bitch Facebook Page


It was Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-up) who hosted the event. Those shoulders of Shamcey are (still) reasons to be envious though!


As a Filipino Miss Universe fan, my gratitude to the following organizations & individuals for making this hosting a reality: Okada Manila (The Home of Miss Universe 2016 candidates), SM Lifestyle Entertainment (The official venue of Miss Universe 2016), Solar Entertainment, LCS GroupGov. Chavit Singson & Department of Tourism’s Secretary Wanda Teo.


I am excited!!!


Please visit me regularly as I start my coverage the soonest!


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