Miss World 2016 (9th Update): The Miss World 2016 Opening Ceremony

Video Credits: Miss World You Tube

Let the Fabulousness Begin!

Miss World 2016 was officially kicked-off via a simple yet meaningful ceremony last Thursday! The pageant (and the beautiful delegates) were welcomed by the Washington DC Officials and the National Anthem of USA was played. The ladies were divided into 3 small teams – RED, BLUE & WHITE (to represent the color of the American Flag). The candidates will be spending more time with the ladies on their respective teams as they will be together on the pre-pageant activities. I can’t wait for the pageant to start and meet the next Miss World queen.

Here are some photos from the event:

 Photo Credits: Miss World FB Page

The RED Team is well represented with Venezuela (Diana Croce)Guatemala (Melanie Espina) and Bolivia (Leyda Suarez).

Gibraltar (Kayley Mifsud) and Wales (Ffion Georgina Moyle)

Team WHITE will give a good fight with Nicaragua (Maria Laura Ramirez)Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes) and
Georgia (Viktoria Kocherovi)

Click HERE to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2016 candidate!

Uganda (Leah Kagasa)

Russia (Yana Dobrovolskaya)

Best of luck ladies!!!


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