Binibining Pilipinas 2017 (2nd Update): Binibini Wish List – Part 1


While all of us are in beauty pageant heaven because of Miss Universe 2016 being staged in the Philippines, I set my sight on to Binibining Pilipinas 2017 as BPCI opens its screening for interested Filipinas. I can’t wait to meet the ladies who will officially become Binibini-aspirants and will have a fair chance to win one of the coveted titles in the country.

I can’t wait to see the Shamcey Supsup of this year – that fresh-faced lady who was courageous enough to join a national pageant despite the fact that she doesn’t have any pageant experience, but will end up winning the top plum simply because of her beauty, confidence, attitude and determination. Also, I am looking forward to see the Pia Wurtzbach of this year – that familiar face who was once a Binibini aspirant, did not get the crown but is determined to give her dream another chance.

Taking a queue from Pia, I would love to see the following ladies in action this year and give Binibini another chance.

Mariel De Leon


Photo Credits: Mariel’s IG account

Mariel is an alumna of Binibining Pilipinas 2013. It is one of the most competitive and most successful Binibini batches so I can only expect the best coming from Mariel. She was one of the most bashed candidate on that year because of her body being considered as “not pageant ready” and fans getting nervous of her getting a special treatment because of her celebrity dad. She ended up as a semifinalist and ended her Binibini stint gracefully.

After a short hiatus, Mariel was on track to prove her bashers wrong. She transformed into an elegant queen. Those bashers turned into fans and they themselves are now screaming for Mariel to make a Binibini come back. It is not helping that Mariel is a staple in every Aces & Queens coverage and was seen with the A&Q Miss World Philippines 2016 candidates. What a story!!! I can’t wait to see Mariel in action.

Emma Mary Tiglao


Photo Credits: Emma’s IG Account

Kagandahang Flores fielded this Kapampangan beauty in Binibining Pilipinas 2014. It was a year full of fan favorites, with MJ LastimosaKris Janson and Pia Wurtzbach leading the pack. She had to start from the bottom as she was establishing her name with the pageant fans. Emma had one of the best performance that year and peaked just in time for the coronation. Though not a front runner, every major blog and beauty pageant site included her as a favorite.

Emma ended up as a semifinalist and fans were quick to point out that she needed to work on her Q&A performance. She joined Miss World Philippines 2015 but came up short, only placing as 4th runner-up. For me, Emma should take it as a sign that she is destined to be in Araneta and I hope that her 1 year hiatus prepared her for this herculean task.

Charmaine Elima


Photo Credits: Maine’s FB Account

Now, here is someone very interesting! Maine was fielded by the Kagandahang Flores camp to join the 50th Binibining Pilipinas edition in 2013 – again, one of the most competitive Binibinin batches. She was one of the early favorites, one of KF’s best bet and one of my favorites. The night ended with Maine reaching only the Top 15. Some would say that it was her styling, her lackluster performance on the night itself and some even said that she was just overshadowed by other candidates. I would say a little mixture of all three.

Maine went on to become a flight attendant. She traveled because of work and I can only hope that her experience taught her valuable lessons and molded her into a mature and confident lady. I am sure that if she is due for a Binibini come back, we will see a whole different Maine!

So what is interesting with Maine’s come back (of course other than the fact that she is rumored to be coming back)?!? I’ve been hearing consistently that if Maine will give Binibini another try, she will be joining the Aces & Queens camp! Now, that is interesting!

Feel free to share your wish list for Binibining Pilipinas 2017 in the comment section below!


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