Miss Universe 2016 (8th Update): 12-9-6-3 Format


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

We are on the last week of Miss Universe 2016 and I can’t believe how the days came and went! Today, I am pleased to share with you the official pageant format that will be followed on the grand coronation night next week.

Photo Credits: UCalgary

The Top 12 Semifinalists

The 86 candidates will all participate in the Preliminary Competition that will run for three days – January 25 to 27. They will go through a closed-door interview, swimsuit and evening gown competitions. 11 candidates with the highest scores combining all pre-pageant competitions will earn a spot as a semifinalist and 1 candidate earns her spot via the Global Fan Vote. All 12 semifinalists will participate in the Swimsuit Competition during the grand finale.

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Photo Credits: Ali Express

The Lucky 9

Basing on the swimsuit competition performance of the 12 semifinalists, 9 ladies will advance to the Evening Gown competition.

Photo Credits: Post and Pans

Your Top 6

The 6 delegates with highest Evening Gown competition scores will move forward. They are the delegates who will be lucky enough to go through the “Final Question”.

Photo Credits: All Recreation

The Top 3 Finalists

The ladies with the highest scores in the “Final Question” segment will participate in the “Final Look” part. It is simply just walking down the Miss Universe 2016 stage and (I think) being judged on how confident the candidate is! Finding that delegate who embodies the “Confidently Beautiful” slogan is the main objective of this section.

So, who do you think will constitute this year’s Top 12 semifinalists?!?


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