Miss Universe 2016 (10th Update): A Miss Universe Reunion?!?


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Armi Kuusela (Miss Universe 1952)

Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe 1969)

Margie Moran (Miss Universe 1973)

Porntip Bui Simon (Miss Universe 1988)

Lupita Jones (Miss Universe 1991)

Dayanara Torres (Miss Universe 1993)

Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe 1994)

Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe 2004)

Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007)

Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008)

Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012)

Gabriela Isler (Miss Universe 2013)

My head is spinning with the news from Latin Times that former Miss Universe queens will sit as judges in this year’s Miss Universe competition. As if a show of force, 12 Miss Universe titleholders are rumored to be participating. Yes, I am considering this as a rumor unless confirmed by the Miss Universe Organization.  Add here Pia Wurtzbach and you will have 13 Queens under one roof! Amazing!

I am a bit hesitant with this news as Lupita Jones remains to be the National Director for Mexico and should not be allowed to judge. However, five of the 12 are confirmed to be attending – Dayanara, Gloria, Margie, Riyo and Sushmita.

I am fervently praying to all the beauty pageant fairies that this will be true!


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