Miss Venezuela 2017 – Official Candidates

Venezuela is, without a doubt, the ultimate beauty pageant powerhouse. The Miss Venezuela Organization, under the leadership of Osmel Sousa, has won seven Miss Universe, six Miss World, seven Miss International and two Miss Earth crowns (so far)!

Photo Credits: Pageant Mania

These titles were not won by sheer luck alone. Miss Venezuela candidates are at their best form during the nationals and the winners go through a rigorous preparation for their respective international pageants.

For Miss Venezuela 2017, 24 delegates will compete for the opportunity to represent the powerhouse in both Miss Universe 2018 and Miss International 2018. Here are the official candidates:

Photo Credits: Miss Venezuela

Zharat Bruzual

Biliannis Alvarez

Rosangela Matos

Maria Cecilia Guevara

Megan Beci

Sofia Rodriguez

Maria Yerardy Montoya

Yanuaria Verde

Oriana Duran

Mariacarlota Arcay

Maria Alejandra Veliz

Oriana Rodriguez

Angela Zarraga

Genesis Contreras

Amira Humeidan

Valentina Lombardi

Yoselin Rojas

Mariem Velazco

Sthefany Gutierrez

Nariman Battikha

Oriana Gil

Maria Sofia Contreras

Veruska Ljubisavljevic

Mariangele Galban

Let us all wait for the assignment of the states per candidate which is expected to be announced later today! The coronation night is scheduled on November 9, 2017 hosted by one of my favorite Miss Venezuela queens – Mariangel Ruiz!






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