Ceska Miss 2017 – The Official Candidates

Ceska Miss 2017 will be crowning its winners on September 23. This pageant is the premier national beauty pageant of Czech Republic. Winners from this pageant will represent my favorite European countries in Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss Supranational.

Here are the 2017 finalists who will compete for the three major crowns at stake:

Photo Credits: Ceska Miss

(01) Monika Vragova

(02) Michaela Smejkalova

(03) Petra Macova

(04) Michaela Habanova

(05) Iva Uchytilova

(06) Vendula Soukenikova

(07) Silvie Hirtova

(08) Petra Kaprhalova

(09) Tereza Vlckova

(10) Marketa Matousova

(11) Tereza Jedlickova

(12) Michaela Kadlecova

What a competitive batch that they have now! I hope that they will be crowning the best girls because I miss them in Miss Universe ❤ My favorites here are Petra Macova (03), Vendula Soukenikova (06), Silvie Hirtova (07), Tereza Vlckova (09) and Marketa Matousova (10).

Best of luck ladies!


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