Throwback Thursday (09.21.17): My Favorite Miss Earth Edition!

You should know that I am all giddy with the idea of Miss Earth 2017 being just around the corner. I dedicate today’s Throwback article to all of us – the dedicated fans of Miss Earth pageant.

I have quiet a few favorite Miss Earth editions but today, I am sharing my ultimate favorite – Miss Earth 2006. Let me share with you the reasons why this edition is my ultimate favorite:

  1. THE VENUE – from the mighty columns to the grand corridors, the choice of the National Museum as the venue of the pageant was the smartest decision that the organization made for this pageant. It was very risky having a grand pageant in an open area BUT that risk was rewarded as it turned out to be full of drama and class.
  2. THE OPENING NUMBER – Oh, the production number of Miss Earth 2006 will forever be enshrined in the minds of beauty pageant fans as one of the best – not just in the Miss Earth history but in the history of ALL beauty pageants. The lighting that complemented the stairs brought me to some dreamy location in Rome. The sexy choreography went perfectly with the silver dresses that the contestants were on. The opening number had the perfect song with “Manila” by HOTDOG. It was the perfect ode to the city which welcomed the pageant after a failed attempt to stage it in Chile.

Video Credits: music814 of YouTube

3. THE WINNER – After staging the pageant in the Philippines for 5 consecutive years in its inception, Carousel Productions was looking for an international location to stage the pageant. There were initial talks with interested parties in Chile. The talks did not progress and the pageant was staged in the Philippines despite just a few months to prepare. Given all these, you might think that there will be a chance for Carousel to get “political” against Chile and its representative BUT they did the contrary and crowned Hil Hernandez  of Chile. She couldn’t be more perfect as Hil was stunning ❤ ❤ ❤ It was more points for Carousel Production and Miss Earth on my card!

Video Credits: tpageant of YouTube

I love Miss Earth and I can’t wait for the competition to start!



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