Liz, Mariel & Nelda – The Triple Send-Off

The opening shots of the 2017 Beauty Pageant Season have been fired with BPCI‘s official send-off party for Elizabeth Clenci, Mariel de Leon and Nelda Ibe. These three gorgeous Filipinas will be the first batch of queens to carry the name of the country and compete three of the world’s biggest beauty competition.

Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page

Liz will be the first one to compete in Vietnam for Miss Grand International 2017. She is on her best form today so I am sure that she will be one of the favorites to the crown. Today is also the perfect time to compete when Filipinos are hungry for an MGI title. Everyone is disappointed with Nicole Cordoves‘s runner-up finish last year that we are all-out with our support in Liz’s campaign this year. MGI has a very strong relationship with BPCI as well so I am expecting a warmer attitude towards Liz. Considering all factors, it would be an injustice if Liz will be place lower than 1st Runner-up. I am positive that Liz has a clear path to the Miss Grand International 2017 title.

Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page

Let me come clean to all of you that Mariel is my favorite Filipina queen for this year and I was rooting for her to compete in Miss Universe 2017. If there is a queen with the Herculean task among all Binibining Pilipinas 2017 winners, it would be her. In the 56 years history of Miss International, no country has won a back-to-back Miss International title and unfortunately, our very own Kylie Verzosa is the reigning queen. Her Miss International 2017 journey is extra challenging because from our 5 Miss International wins, we only placed twice in Miss International pageant the year after. Both Denille Lou Valmonte and Bianca Guidotti failed to even place as a semifinalist in 2006 and 2014 editions while our very own Lara Quigaman and Bea Rose Santiago were the reigning queens. HOWEVER, I am not fretting (at all!) I have faith in Mariel’s preparation and transformation. She is also one classy lady armed with a heavenly gorgeous face. I will consider it as a success if she will place as a semifinalist but I am taking a leap of faith her and will be expecting a Top 3 finish for her.

Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page

To complete the trio of the 1st batch of beauty queens to compete this year is Nelda Ibe. She is on her way to Albania for the Miss Globe 2017. I honestly do not have that much of an idea for the “ideal” woman that the pageant is looking for. I only have Ann Colis to look up to after winning the title in 2015. Despite this, we should not be taking Nelda lightly. Her back story as a successful woman and queen in a field dominated by alpha males, Nelda has the perfect backdrop in her assault towards the Miss Globe crown. Looking at her preparation, it would be hard to dismiss her gorgeous face and svelte figure. Given her Kagandahang Flores background, her catwalk should also be on point. I haven’t seen her in motion up close but how I wish that she can be more engaging in conversation. I am predicting that she will place comfortably as a semifinalist in the pageant and a Top 5 finish would be a welcome achievement.

Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page

I would like to congratulate BPCI for another successful preparation for the 2017 pageant season. As a Filipino pageant fan, I feel indebted to the hard work of BPCI and the able leadership of Mdm. Stella Araneta. I wish Liz, Mariel and Nelda the best of luck in their fights. This blog will always be behind you in your respective journeys.

Photo Credits: Bb. Pilipinas FB Page


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