Miss Earth 2017 (2nd Update): Eco Beauty Videos – Part 1

Photo Credits: Miss Earth

The search for the next warrior is unfolding as the first few delegates of Miss Earth 2017 arrives in the Philippines. Let us get to know some of the delegates and the environmental issues that they are passionate about via this Eco Beauty Videos.

For this batch, I am sharing some of my pre-arrival favorites:

Video Credits: Miss Earth of YouTube

USA – Andreia Gibau

She is not afraid to speak out, even mentioning President Trumps’s decision to pull-out from the Paris Accord. That, for me, defines who she is. I love this lady already ❤

Philippines – Karen Ibasco

Karen is not my favorite Miss Philippines Earth. I am not even a fan of her. I thought I should come clean as the competition heats up. However, Karen is very competitive and I, for a fact, know that she will do well in the competition. She is eloquent, classy and dedicated. She will have my support.

Thailand – Paweensuda Drouin

Fahsai is one of girls to watch this year. She is tall, beautiful and charming. She seems to be very comfortable in English conversation so her performance in the Q&A will be better to previous delegates. Thailand is one of the most successful Asian country in Miss Earth. If Carousel will decide to award the title to Miss Earth, this year would be perfect!

Australia – Nina Robertson

Nina is half-Filipina and that is a good story to tell 🙂 She competed in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 and placed as a semifinalist. She has a gorgeous face that Filipinos will surely love.

Colombia – Juliana Franco

Juliana might not be the most beautiful delegate the Colombia has sent to Miss Earth BUT she has this charm that will not go unnoticed. Her body is to die for and her English conversation skills seem to be good.

Czech Republic – Iva Uchytilova

Iva is one of my favorites in her national competition. She has a very glamorous face and I would love for her to go far in this pageant.

Mongolia – Tugs Amgalan Batjargal

This, by far, is my favorite Eco Beauty this year. Cinematography to Scoring, everything in this video is on point. She has a unique name and a beautiful face! “Born from the sacred lineage of the Mongol Queens, I am a direct descendant of Genghis Khan!” Dayum, this girl is special ❤ ❤ ❤

Netherlands – Faith Landman


Who among these 8 Earth Warriors is your favorite for the title?


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