Miss Grand International 2017 Official Results

Photo Credits: Miss Grand International

It was a good run for Miss International 2017. Though the results broke my heart, I am still happy given my good hit rate with my predictions. Here are the ladies who were declared as the victor from last night’s coronation.

Photo Credits: Miss Grand International

Miss Grand International 2017 – Peru (Maria Jose Lora)

1st Runner-Up: Venezuela (Tulia Aleman)

2nd Runner-Up: Philippines (Elizabeth Clenci)

3rd Runner-Up: Puerto Rico (Brenda Jimenez)

4th Runner-Up: Czech Republic (Nikola Uhlirova)

Top 10

Indonesia (Dea Goesti Rizkita)

South Sudan (Eyga Mojus)

Thailand (Pam Premika Pamela)

Ukraine (Snizhana Tanchuk)

Vietnam (Nguyen Tran Huyen My)

Top 20

Australia (Kassandra Kashian)

Brazil (Caroline Venturini)

China (Xuejiao Chen)

Costa Rica (Maria Amalia Matamoros)

India (Anukriti Gussain)

Laos (Chinnaly Norasing)

Mexico (Yoana Gutierrez)

Netherlands (Kelly Van Den Dungen)

Paraguay (Lia Duarte)

Russia (Svetlana Khokhlova)

From my predictions, I got 17/20 (85% hit rate). I also hit 70% for my Top 10 (7/10) and 60% (3/5) for my Top 5. I predicted the Top 3 finalists hitting the right spot for Venezuela. I only interchanged Peru and Philippines’ placement.

Good run MGI! Until next year ❤




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