Sunday Inspiration: An Open Letter for Liz

Photo Credits: Raymond Saldana

Dearest Liz,

I am writing this letter to personally thank you for representing the country with so much grace and sophistication. The moment you landed in Vietnam you were on a competition mode right away. Now, let me tell you the things that made me fall in love with you more ❤

You were slaying in every event and every fan was looking forward to your next fashionable outing. You were always on something that does not only look good but also spoke about your queenly aura. You stood out not only because of what you were wearing but also because of your personality. You were always smiling and pleasant. You were accommodating and gracious. You were energetic and vivacious. You were just positive and full of good vibes. And what sealed the deal for me was how you always spoke from your heart. You were not afraid to speak your mind but your words were full of compassion.

The crown might be on someone else’s head but you did not fail in your quest. Know that I am just as proud as happy because you represented the entire country with so much passion and love. You fought hard for The Philippines and I knew that you have given way more than what you have. You succeeded and I am very proud of you!

Lots of Love,


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