Miss World 2017 (3rd Update): Contestant Introduction Videos Part 1

Photo Credits: Miss World

The Miss World 2017 pageant is well on its way. Today, let me introduce you to some of my favorite delegates via the contestant introduction. Let us get to know these contestants better ❤

Video Credits: Miss World

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Australia (Esma Voloder)

One of my bets to the crown. She is eloquent, sincere and beautiful! Icing on the cake is the fact that we both share fascination in human mind and behavior.

Argentina (Avril Marco)

That face!

Botswana (Nicole Gaelebale)

Another accomplished woman here! I love the fact that she owns a beauty school and has been a fan of beauty pageants since she was small.

Brazil (Gabrielle Vilela)

Another one of my crown contender this year! The cheekbones, the wide smile and the aura ❤ ❤ ❤

Cameroon (Akomo Minkata)

I love this lady. She is beautiful and that dreads just add to her personality!

Dominican Republic (Aletxa Mueses)

She has an exotic Latina face. I can stare at her face for hours and still find her beautiful!

Guadeloupe (Audrey Berville)

Such a beautiful young lady with one of the best smile among the candidates! I have a good feeling that she will do well.

Jamaica (Solange Sinclair)

Oooh! Another crown contender. I love her personality! She looks expensive and that body is out of this world. I love her!

Kenya (Magline Jeruto)

She is beautiful!

Mexico (Andrea Meza)

Another beautiful Mexican delegate. I love the idea that she is in Software Engineering – a field hugely dominated by men.

Do you have your favorites already?


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