Miss World 2017 (4th Update): Dances of the World Auditions

Photo Credits: Miss World

One of the first few activities of the delegates of Miss World 2017 when they arrived in Sanya was the Dances of the World auditions. During the finale, a selected group of candidates will be presenting a dance from her country. This will not have a huge impact on the final result but to be handpicked as early as this stage of the competition gives a candidate a good start. Here are some of the photos from the auditions:

Photo Credits: Miss World

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Brazil (Gabrielle Vilela)

Laos (Tonkham Phonchanhueng) & Indonesia (Achintya Nilsen)

Mexico (Andrea Meza) & France (Aurore Kichenin)

Netherlands (Philisantha Van Deuren)

Slovenia (Maja Zupan) & Poland (Magdalena Bienkowska)

Vietnam (My Linh Do)

Who do you think will be given a chance to perform in front of almost a billion people?!?


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