Miss World 2017 (5th Update): Contestant Introduction Videos – Part 2

Photo Credits: Miss World

This is a continuation of our introduction to the beautiful candidates of Miss World 2017. You have met 10 candidates HERE and I am ready to introduce you more today.

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Video Credits: Miss World

France (Aurora Kichenin)

She is very charismatic with a warm smile. I love her!

India (Manushi Chhillar)

Another strong contender from one of the strongest sash in Miss World. She is eloquent and expressive.

Italy (Conny Notarstefano)

Sensual and Statuesque!

Mongolia (Enkhjin Tseveendash)

Probably one of the strongest representative from Mongolia. PS. One of the best videos this year ❤

Philippines (Laura Lehmann)

So much poise and class here! I love Laura ❤

Russia (Polina Popova)

Paulina is one of my favorites to win the crown! I can’t get enough of this lady.

USA (Clarissa Bowers)

Another favorite for the Miss World crown here! With a medical background to boot and an international appeal, Clarissa is one of this year’s strongest.

Venezuela (Ana Carolina Ugarte)

She might not be the most beautiful Venezuela to grace the Miss World stage BUT I like her story and the lessons people can learn from it.

This is shaping up to be a competitive batch!


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