Miss Universe 2017 (3rd Update): The Catwalk Competition

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

The delegates of Miss Universe 2017 are now on the final leg of their preparations for the most prestigious pageant in the Universe. One of the things that the ladies are quiet conscious about is their catwalk or “pasarela” training.

Contrary to the belief of others, you do not just show-up on stage and walk. Hundreds of hours are spent by a candidate on her heels, polishing her walk. So, why is this important?!? A perfect catwalk helps a candidate to stand-out among a sea of beautiful faces. A strong catwalk presentation highlights a candidate’s physique and showcases confidence, giving her extra points.

Here are some of the Pasarela training videos for your enjoyment and to make you more excited as we welcome Miss Universe 2017. Who do you think will dominate the catwalk competition?

Philippines (Rachel Peters)

Video Credits: Support Asia

I know that Rachel is devising a special catwalk for the competition and it is way better than what you just saw.

Venezuela (Keysi Sayago)

Video Credits: Jasel Eligio

FUN! FUN! FUN! Keysi seems to be leaving no stone unturned in her quest to bring Venezuela back into the Miss Universe centerstage!

USA (Kara McCullough)

Video Credits: Miss USA

Lu Sierra is one of the choreographers and catwalk trainer for Miss Universe Organization so Kara is very lucky to have her on her team. I do feel that Kara needs to polish her pasarela which seems to be very weak.

Brazil (Monalysa Alcantara)

Video Credits: Style & Beauty from Chile

Strong catwalk BUT she learn a thing or two on how to go down the stairs elegantly 🙂

Colombia (Laura Gonzalez)

Video Credits: Style & Beauty from Chile

Strong and Confident! One of the best catwalks for this year!

Indonesia (Bunga Jelitha)

Video Credits: Unicrown Inc.

Though I am not a fan of her transitions (from one direction to another), she has a stronger catwalk versus former Indonesian queens.

Do you have your favorites already?!?


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