Miss International 2017 Fave List

Photo Credits: Miss International

I must admit that I wasn’t able to follow Miss International 2017 closely. However, I have seen enough photos and videos of the candidates for me to be able to form a fave list. Here are the ladies who I think will make waves in one of the grandest beauty pageants later:

Miss International 2017: Philippines (Mariel de Leon)

Photo Credits: Raymond Saldana

Mariel is my favorite Filipina beauty queen for 2017. She is sophisticated, graceful yet very authentic. She may be facing an uphill battle with the supposedly “Mikimoto Curse” but she is on her best form and she is ready to win!

1st Runner-Up:Japan (Natsuki Tsutsui)

2nd Runner-up: Venezuela (Diana Croce)

3rd Runner-up: Curacao (Chanelle de Lau)

4th Runner-Up: South Africa (Tayla Skye Robbinson)

Top 15

6th Place: Colombia (Vanessa Pulgarin)

7th Place: Indonesia (Kevin Lilliana)

8th Place: Lithuania (Patricija Belousova)

9th Place: Brazil (Bruna Zanardo)

10th Place: Norway (VildeAndresen Bo)

11th Place: Canada (Marta Magdalena Stepien)

12th Place: Mexico (Citlaly Higuera)

13th: Laos (Phounsap Phonnyotha)

14th: Ethiopia (Bamlak Dereje)

15th: Nepal (Niti Shah)

Best of Luck Ladies!!!



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