Miss Universe 2017 (6th Update): Departures and Arrivals – Part 2

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Let me continue with my coverage of the departures and arrivals of the Miss Universe 2017 candidates. Check-out the Part 1 of this coverage for some first impression of the girls.

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Photo Credits: Missosology

Brazil (Monalysa Alcantara)

Cayman Islands (Anika Conolly)

Dominican Republic (Carmen Munoz Guzman)

Ecuador (Daniela Cepeda)

France (Alicia Aylies)

Guatemala (Isel Suniga)

Indonesia (Bunga Jelitha)

Israel (Adar Gandelsman)

Jamaica (Davina Bennett)

Laos (Souphaphone Somvichith)

Mexico (Denisse Franco)

Namibia (Sune January)

New Zealand (Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia)

Nigeria (Stephanie Agbasi)

Panama (Laura de Sanctis)

Paraguay (Ariela Machado)

Puerto Rico (Danna Hernandez)

Sweden (Frida Fornander)

Trinidad & Tobago (Yvonne Clarke)

Turkey (Pinar Tartan)

Uruguay (Marisol Acosta)

Venezuela (Keysi Sayago)

This is such a competitive batch!

Too many beautiful ladies…
Brazil, Dom Rep, Indonesia, Israel
Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nigeria
Paraguay and Venezuela!!!



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