Miss International 2017 – The Aftermath (Official Review)

Photo Credits: Miss International

Let me take this opportunity to draft a mini review about Miss International 2017 and share with you some of my thoughts about the results. I felt the need to write a review because (1) Mariel De Leon is my ultimate favorite Filipina beauty queen for this year and despite missing out on my Miss International 2017 coverage, I made sure to check on how she was doing from time to time AND (2) this is the first time that I have seen a Miss International finale in full.

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Let me start my review by congratulating Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia for winning the Miss International 2017 title. This title should be shared with the Indonesian beauty pageant fans who are dedicated and committed to all their queens. This is the first Big 4 crown for Indonesia and I am certain that this will not be the last. I am hoping that this win of Kevin, be the start of the rise of another Asian Pageant Powerhouse. I will talk more about this topic this Sunday!

Opening Video & National Costume

There was no production number and it felt really weird! To open the show, there was a short video about the history of Miss International. The official candidates were then revealed, wearing their National Costumes. There were no colossal costumes which was a bit refreshing. Towards the end of the pageant, it was revealed that Japan won the Best in National Costume Award

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Swimsuit & Evening Dresses

The swimsuit and evening dresses competition was next. The girls were called by pair and had to sashay on stage. I am not releasing my favorites per segment because I really wasn’t able to see all the ladies. The camera placement made it difficult for viewers to see the catwalk of those ladies on the left portion of the stage. There were ladies who were fit and fabulous on their swimsuits. I remember seeing Finland, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Japan and Lithuania to name a few.

Photo Credits: Stephen Diaz for Missosology

Photo Credits: Stephen Diaz for Missosology

As expected, the Evening Dresses (Gown) segment was full of dreamy gowns. Just by looking at the dresses of the Top 5, they were in pink, silver and white hues. I (specifically) got smitten by the dress of Venezuela. It was princess-y but not too costume. Just the right amount of flare for a queen with an Angelic face.

Photo Credits: Stephen Diaz for Missosology

The Top 15 & Top 8

You may refer HERE for the official results of Miss International which includes the Top 15 and Top 8 of the pageant. Philippines’ Mariel De Leon was left out of the Top 15. It is my most painful heartbreak for 2017 pageant season. She was/is/will be my most favorite Filipina beauty queen this year and I will never regret putting her on top of my prediction. So what went wrong? Of course, only the judges will know! But let me offer some of my sentiments – (1) I am not a fan of the choices for the National Costume, the Swimsuit and the Evening Gown. This is not to discount the talent of Cary Santiago who made both the National Costume and Evening Gown. However, both dresses will probably be more appreciated if it was not used for a competition. (2) She was not on her best physical form. And I felt that the swimsuit did not help accentuate the best part of her body. (3) She “looked” nervous. I thought I saw hesitation on her face in both Swimsuit and Evening Gown. There could be a gazillion more reasons BUT it was probably not just her night. I will remain to be Mariel’s fan and is willing to talk or debate to anyone who will try to ignore the hard work that she put into this.

I was very happy for the inclusion of Curacao (she had a strong Miss Universe 2016 performance so experience was on her side), Venezuela (that angelic face deserves a semifinalist slot), Laos (she is beautiful) and Japan (she was always full of life and confident). Though I did not include them in my predictions, I was happy to see both Ghana and Ecudaor in the Top 15.

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

The Top 8 was such as strong batch. If I had it my way, I would drop either Australia or Laos to accommodate Finland, who was just gorgeous all night. All 8 delivered their speeches! I thought that Curacao was on fire up until some blunders on her speech. After all the speeches, I looking at Venezuela or Indonesia for the crown. Japan was my 2nd favorite for the crown but I felt that her constant waving to the adoring crowd was too distracting.

The Final Results

I am very happy with the official placement and I am very excited to see what is in store for Kevin!

To Mariel: Congratulations and know that I am still very proud of you!


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