Miss Universe 2017 (8th Update): Dear Rachel…

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Dear Rachel Peters,

Honey, I am not really sure if the following photos are authentic because it is the world wide web and anything (literally) can be manufactured BUT if these are true then you better listen….

HUWAG KANG PUMATOL SA FANS! This is not the best time to be distracted by external noises. Yes, all of us (including me), should be treated as such! The only noise that you should be focusing right now should be from (1) The Miss Universe Organization, (2) your management team – Kagandahang Flores and BPCI and (3) your family! Do not waste your time reading Instagram or Facebook or Twitter comments of fans because it will only distract you. Gee, you only have more than a week left for an event that you have prepared for months. So focus on that and win this whole thing! That would be the sweetest in-your-face-revenge.

However, these external noises should not be ignored! It is always good to hear a feedback from someone outside of your circle. Whether or not the comment is biased, it is still an angle that is best to pursue or review. This is the role of your management team. A representative from either Kagandahang Flores or BPCI should scour the whole of social media and collate all these comments. The list should be filtered and check for those with valid points. Check how these comments vis-a-vis the over-all game plan for you and evaluate if there is a need to adjust to your game plan or advise you of the comment or totally ignore it!

Lastly, there are millions of people who are just supporting you silently so focus for them. Win that crown for them!


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