Miss Universe 2017 (12th Update): Everything You Need to Know about the Coronation Night!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

With the preliminary competition happening hours from now, let us now look at what will happen on Sunday for the big finale of Miss Universe 2017. Though it hurts a bit, I have to slowly accept the fact that the 2-week extravaganza will soon end *Urgh!*

Here are some of the things to expect:

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Finale Schedule

Las Vegas, USA – (November 26) at 4PM

New York City, USA – (November 26) at 7PM

London, England – (November 27) at 12AM

Dubai, UAE – (November 27) at 4AM

Manila, Philippines – (November 27) at 8AM

Sydney, Australia – (November 27) at 11AM

Host & Back Stage Host

Both Steve Harvey (3rd Time) and Ashley Graham (2nd Time) will be back as Host and Back Stage Host. This is the winning tandem from Miss Universe 2016.

Commentators and Pageant Analysts

I was giddy after learning that there will be commentators this year and it was extra special after learning that both Carson Kressley and Lu Sierra will be doing it this year. Carson was one of the commentators for Miss Universe 2006 while Lu is a staple of Miss Universe Organization as she trains the delegates in their catwalk. These two are very much opinionated and knows their stuff so this will surely be very colorful!

The Musical Performances

I don’t know what is happening this year BUT the star power is out of the universe!!! Even the musical performances will be via two huge pop stars. Fergie and Rachel Platten will be bringing the beats and funk into the evening!


To select the new queen, these esteemed judges will have the most difficult job on Sunday evening. Meet the men and women of the judging panel:

I also love the idea that Wendy Fitzwilliam will be judging both the preliminaries and the finale. This strategy started last year when Dayanara Torres and Cynthia Bailey judged in both competition. I love the fact that one of the judges has the visibility of those candidates who consistently delivers!

TV Schedule

The show will be on FOX Network. In the Philippines, you can watch it live via FOX Life (former Star World) and on ABS-CBN starting at 8AM.



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